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T&I News is your friendly guide in the tech and innovative world.
Whether you’re a business pro or just curious, we’re here to share stories that make sense to everyone.
Our vision is to keep things simple and exciting, using the magic of the internet to tell stories that matters to you.

Purpose of T&I News

In the crossroads of flesh and ether, T&I News is born. A marketplace where businesses discover insights and humans realize sustainable impact on our societies and our planet.

T&I News is the go-to place for easy-to-understand tech news. We’re here to help businesses connect, share stories of awesome people, talk about groups doing good things, and inspire communities.

T&I News is dedicated to provides resources and information for impact investors, offering insights into responsible investment projects, startups and companies within technology and innovation landscape.

T&I News aims to create an impact by supporting entrepreneurship and innovative solutions to address current cultural, social and environmental challenges.

People Behind T&I News

Adil Tariq

Editor & Founder

Adil Tariq is a seasoned media and communications professional with a remarkable career spanning over 15 years, during which he has made substantial contributions to the field across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. His journey from a dedicated student to a global media influencer reflects his commitment to excellence and the power of storytelling.

Bert Ola Bergstrand

Strategic Partnerships Facilitator

Bert Ola Bergstrand is a visionary leader who has dedicated 17 years of his life to the development of ecosystems supporting social entrepreneurship and social enterprises. His remarkable journey is marked by a profound commitment to fostering positive change, sustainability, and the advancement of social impact initiatives on a global scale.

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