Livingstone Institute of Startups & Investors

You’re looking at the Livingstone Institute of Startups & Investors (LISI), which kicked off back in 2010 alongside the Johnnette Group. Now, they got this cool pitching service just for you, whether you’re a startup or an investor.

They are all about the future of tech and investments in various areas. What is the unique special power? Delivering awesome results fast and honestly, all while spotting amazing startups. they’re all in for startups led by awesome folks like yourself who take on real-world challenges. Their team includes some of sharp industry experts, who has tons of knowledge to share, which has helped them rise to the top in their respective field.

Guess what? Livingstone & Johnnette Groups were founded by John Livingstone, an Indian entrepreneur and investor. He’s made a splash in the market, especially in Defense & Drones. He’s all about supporting startups right from the start and helping them grow, steering clear of common blunders. Want to dive deeper? Check out and for all the juicy details! 😎🚀

Seize Your Path to Funding Success!

🚀 Click the link below to grab a golden opportunity. Complete the form and craft your inquiry to secure your spot at highly anticipated upcoming Pitching Hackathon. Don’t miss out on the chance to supercharge your startup dreams! 💰✨

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